Studio Victorious c/o Garrett DeRossett


Garrett DeRossett (b. 1992) is a Brooklyn–based designer and art director focused on interpreting ideas and emotions into the visual spectrum. A more traditional work archive is inbound, but for now please consider this space a consistently evolving template for the studio's current activities.

This practice is an ongoing exploration, focusing on the following principles:

1 — Everyone deserves a unique, thoughtful visual & conceptual brand voice that sets them up for success. 
2 — The internet can be an ethical, accessible space that both provokes thinking and encourages freedom.
3 — Designers should all have a certain level of self-awareness, but not self-deprecation.
4 — Do work, regardless of financial compensation, for nonprofits and social causes. Full stop.
5 — Musicians are fluent in a beautiful and vibrant medium; create with and for them at all costs.
6 — Great art is formed when emotion and concept combine.
7 — Create work with and for friends, for free, as often as you can. It is the most pure way to grow.
8 — Overly intellectual design alienates; overly watered-down will disappoint. Your platform matters, and people listen.
9 — Your team is everything. Don't claim collaborative work as your own.
10 — Be nice.

CV to Date

Bondfire Inc. / Designer (2016 — Present)
Typography Summer School / Participant (2016)
charity: water / Senior Designer (2015 — 2016)
Timebomb / Brand Designer (2014 — 2015)
deep / Junior Art Director (2012 — 2014)
417 Magazine / Editorial Designer (2011 — 2012)
Archetype Brands / Design Intern (2010 — 2011)

Recent Projects

Palo Duro — Ryou Cannon
Packaging, Art Direction
(with Nathan Green)

Bradley Hathaway — Flesh Eater ↗︎
Packaging, Art Direction
(with Chandler Reed)

Regular Visitors ↗︎
UX & UI Design
(as a member of Bondfire Inc.)

Nine Entertainment ↗︎
Branding, Art Direction
(with Platoon c/o Charles Miller)

OTHER Studio ↗︎
UX & UI Design
(as Mono Mono)

Red Rooster Coffee Roasters ↗︎
UX & UI Design
(as Mono Mono)


Mono Mono

An experimental, multi-disciplinary design studio comprised of myself & Ian Williams. We take on nontraditional clients, often for reasons outside of financial concern, that interest and inspire us. We're never satisfied and always making it up as we go. ↗︎

Select Collaborations

GOOD Magazine
30th Century Records
Red Bull
Reach Records
charity: water
Matt Wertz
The Record Machine
Kid Ink
Red Rooster Coffee Roasters
Makehood Records


Ian Williams ↗︎
Hope DeRossett ↗︎
Platoon ↗︎
High Tide ↗︎
OTHER Studio ↗︎
Gordils & Willis ↗︎
Extended Play ↗︎
charity: water ↗︎
Divine Magazine ↗︎


Wake Up ↗︎
Last Updated: 30 July 2017
Crown Heights, NY